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  • What if I don't want a smart home or to use the app?
    Then you don't have to! Your Adomi lights, temperature and functionality will all continue to work, even if you decide not to use the other features.
  • What is Adomi?
    Adomi is a home automation platform designed to connect all your smart home devices on a low-voltage and easy to use system.
  • Can I add more smart devices to my house?
    Yes, Adomi utilizes industry standard z-wave devices that can be added wirelessly to the system with ease.
  • What is the Chat Bot?
    Adomi Chat Bot is your home...interacting with you! Think of it like Alexa or Siri. Give Adomi Chat Bot a command by voice or text using the mobile app and they can help with any of your smart devices.
  • Is my information safe and secure?
    Adomi uses the latest in security standards to keep your information safe and secure. All interfaces are encrypted so you can be sure no one has access to your personal data.
  • How does Adomi work?
    Every Adomi home comes with pre-installed wall apps throughout the house to help you easily interact with your home, the way you want. Turn off the lights, answer the door, or ask Alexa for help. You can also connect with your house on the go by downloading the Adomi mobile app. Turn on the lights before you get home, check the locks or just get a quick snapshot for peace of mind. The Adomi app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Can I add an Adomi system to my home?
    Because of its low-voltage solution, Adomi is only available for new construction projects. If you're a developer or home builder, please reach out for more information:
  • What do Adomi Smart Sensors do?
    Adomi Smart Sensors are designed to teach your house your preferences and comfort levels. The sensors can sense motion, UV levels, temperature, humidity, vibration and more. Rest assured, there are no cameras in the sensors or your home, unless you install them yourself.
  • Can I change which devices are controlled by each switch?
    Because everything is connected by software, it is very easy to reconfigure devices and rooms for your personal use. This can be done on your own or with the help of our support team.

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