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Connect from the

couch...or on the fly

Interact with your smart devices from the comfort of home or enjoy the peace of mind as you check up on your home while on the go.


Can't find your phone?  Ask Alexa! She can help you with any device.

System Overview


Adomi is the first autonomous smart home technology system to deliver the ultimate living experience. The Adomi hub can control and learn from many home technologies and systems, including voice control, sound, temperature, blinds, locks and lighting. Adomi's learning sensors can sense everything from vibration to UV light with the goal to adjust and make your living experience more comfortable.

Products & Hardware

Adomi homes are equipped to connect the products and hardware you need to make your smart home work for you. The Adomi Chat Bot brings your home to life by allowing you to chat directly with your home, like an extended member of the family. With more smart product integrations added everyday, Adomi helps you customize your home preferences to live your best life.

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